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Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank god I got rid of Ortiz

Since I now know who my first-rounder will be. I knew about the ad, of course, but the hulabaloo--we need a hero like that to stir shit in the clubhouse to make the reporters not pay attn to the place in the table.

PS: Pete, get hard.

PPS: I love how Simmons has apparently stopped writing columns (because of ESPN: the Conversation?), and is just writing his blog now, which is supposed to be all about basketball. Yet today's post is his running diary of the Grammys. This is fricken page 3 material by now.

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Omar said...

Simmons's (simmons'?) career is reminding me of Hulk Hogan's right now except he didnt leave ESPN but just left boston and went to hollywood (ala Hollywood Hulk Hogan). I wonder if he moves back to the real world he will be good again. His basketball columns (NBA) are the only thing he has left.