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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Erection Day, 2004

So none of my fucking horses won. I'd sulk, but whatever. We did this "fair." I still don't understand why there were last minute vote switches on the pitching--I was really looking forward to some innovation on at least one side of the game.

Einar Diaz is the worst blog ever. Nothing but heartbreak.

Let There Be Light

And so it begins.

The league number is 72277 and the password is "playball."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One more thing

I don't want to step in a cobra pit, but a few more questions (although I'd be happy to just make these decisions if people just want to get on with it):

+How many IP? 1250?
+How many pitching slots?
+How many total players on the roster? 27+2 DL?

Someone, hit me back with some answers based on what we talked about and I'll set up the league tomorrow morning, I promise.

Final Stats?

Pitching: W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K, TB (With an IP cap)
Hitting: R, SB, BB, H, TB, RBI

Are we there yet?

back to the lab

Don't let's get discouraged mang(s). We still have chosen a batting system, we just need to tweak pitching. The split, such as it was, was over IP versus W as the sixth stat added to K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB, with an inning cap if W is the sixth stat. I'm willing to change my vote to break the deadlock, if people assent to that. I understand that this looks like/is power-brokering/leveraging my vote/giving the finger ot parliamentary procedure, so I leave it up to you guys to tell me what you think. But I'm eager to have a resolution, and IMO defaulting back to a stat like Wins is a better alternative than the unstable 5x5 pitching stats we almost got (K WHIP ERA SV TB), wherein starters aren't terribly valuable). If that's not an option, or a runoff isn't happening, then we'll need to start from what we do know, which is that K WHIP ERA SV TB have been mandated as acceptable if not quite New Harmonic.

For the record, the hitting stats are R, SB, BB, H, TB, RBI, as chosen by 7 of the 10 gms.

Also, if anyone in chicago wants to be in another league, the dude from hyde park records is looking for heads for his league (which i am also in). i think every conceivable stat is counted. if anyone wants in to a $65 buy-in league with some serious baseball-prospectus-reading small-business owners, let me know and i will send you more info.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Old Joke Retold?

I think I was like the first one to give love to the "if there's a deadlock on 6x6, we move to 5x5. If 5x5 fails, we go back to the board" understanding of events, but whatever.

This is about this video. Click on the title in the top left, and it'll launch. I dunno if you've all (or just me) made the requisite ALM jokes, but I can't help but watch that floppy blond hair and think of my favorite America Teacher for.

swing justice

i really had no idea that my vote was this important. for the record, i was under the impression that i HAD voted, but i guess i messed up my secret letter. or was my comment deleted? intrigue. not to ruin everyone's day at work, but...

6x6 is fine with me. hitting option #2, pitching #1 (inning cap) does this mean that wins?

not having Wins is a fine idea and all, but it seems to negate having starting pitching. and starting pitchers are pretty important for baseball.

cardarelli: north dakota tv tower

who knew this building existed? i didn't. i feel like we could have spent a WEEK talking about it in any of the urbanism classes i took. mike davis dead cities, where are you on this one?

So much hate

Since the 5x5 compromise was my idea, let me be clear on what I meant. That the 5x5 was to be used if no other solution could be agreed upon. It was only thought up when it looked like we might deadlock on both 6x6 votes. If those are decided peacefully, I see no reason to use the 5x5 unless that's what people would rather do. We could have a run off election: the winner of hitting and pitching on one ballot and the 5x5 on the other.

Omar's response: that seems like the only way this could work. And i dont understand how voting yes doesn't mean that they would like to use 5x5. If you had voted no on the compromise doesn't that mean that you don't want to do the 5x5? Why would you vote yes on the compromise if you don't want to compromise?

I'm just trying to get this done so we can set up a league and think about drafting. Omar, I think you need to listen to other people once and a while and stop trying to just get what you want through committee. Typical republican.

Omar's other response: Screw you guys. I didn't try and push anything until someone else agreed with me that a 7 out of 10 majority was unnecessary. There is only inaction on the part of most people so ofcourse any action that does not coincide with your opinion is called not listening: but only to you. I did listen to other people and it was only after we had 6 people did anyone decide to mention that the issue was more fucked that i had realized. stop being reactionary bitches and actually say something before i do. and thats bitches in a general sense, not only you ben.

draft day, mk ii

Nobody (carter, andy) buy plane tickets yet -- if it turns out it's massively inconvenient to not do the draft on march 25/26th (which is what it is looking like -- we HAVE to do this shit in crerar if it kills me) i will just telecommute to the other draft in NY that i was going to go to that weekend. it's not liek a microphone and skype is going to cost more than a fuxoring plane ticket anyway. frankly i have more bloodlust to win the other league, but not being at their auction means i don't have the disadvantage of being drunk and or filled with pizza and sleepy.

for the record, pretty much everybody preferred the 25th/26th, right?

Crypto Harris

How does 5x5 win?

My understanding of the instructions was that everyone vote for choice 1 or 2 in hitting and pitching, and then a vote on the compromise in the event a deadlock was reached in the other categories. Andy refusing to vote for option 1 or 2 does not suddenly invalidate the votes that were cast, thus pitching #2 has the majority. Now Andy might decide that he loves the compromise (oh think carefully about supporting this less interesting system) so much that if given another chance to change his vote he will merely revote some hitting category and pitching 1 so as to cause a tie. As the votes currently stand, with 10 people making choices -- It's Hitting 2: 6-3, with an abstention. Pitching 2: 5-4, with one abstention.
No deadlock, thus no need for the compromise.

Call me a bitch but I don't sling actual hatred very often, I just have grown weary of Omar's Republican-style spin campaigns.

P.S. Evidence in support of above brief.
Here's where I derive my analysis of the instructions from:
"If we don't have a majority on both of the 6x6 options, and if enough people are satisfied with the 5x5 (I say 7 our of 10), then we roll with that."
1. Again, we do have a majority on both 6x6 options.
2. 6 of 10 5x5 is not 7 of 10, implying that perhaps a 5-5 deadlock in a category may warrant one more bid at tweaking that category?

Monday, February 06, 2006

5x5 wins!

swing-vote andy martin moves the league into the compromised 5x5 position. now nobody is totally happy and isn't that what this was all about?

5x5 Hitting
R, SB, BB, H, TB

5x5 Pitching
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB (WITH an innings cap)


It’s only right and natural to start figuring out the draft date now, since Carter and Andy actually have an interest in getting cheaper airfares. Also I like to use the calendar feature on outlook to schedule things that don’t involve work. Also, we should all figure out whether we have travel plans and get this shit out of the way.

that said, I am going to be out of town the weekend of March 25/26, which is one week before opening day, and probably the best weekend in the abstract. I might also be in Pittsburgh the weekend before, although that’s less certain. Obviously we’re not going to do it March 9 either. So here’s my proposal: let’s do the draft the Saturday before opening day (Apr 2 is sox/tribe), then I volunteer to type in the results immediately thereafter, and then we won’t miss any games. Does this make sense? Anyway, people let me know if you’re out for April 1… that’s pretty much the best day for me, although I could probably skip Pittsburgh and we could do it two weeks early. Who has beef

plea for 5x5

for all those that haven't voted i would like to try and sway you towards the 5x5 compromise. i think it makes the best of both hitting and pitching options and results in a pretty decent player ranking (although as someone mentioned, top relievers are awesome but if we limit RP slots it equals out).

that superbowl was pretty boring. the seahawks played poorly but they were robbed. that endzone pass interference penalty was bullshit and so was the phantom rothlesburger td and the 'holding' call a few plays before the hasselback pick.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

1x1 for the purists

I forget to mention the science Whet and I developed which ough to appease those who want a system that cuts down on team dependency as much as possible. It's a two category league.

Batting: Strikeouts
Pitching: Walks (not counting intentional passes)

Granted, both involve the umpire. But you can't get away from that.

Friday, February 03, 2006

So, here's the deal

Despite the yelling, I think we actually managed to get something accomplished last night. Not a final set up stats, mind you, but a few carefully conceived options. I would like everyone to remember that all of these are COMPROMISES and that this isn't the time to take one of these options and bitch. These stat blocks go together as packages and we need to start (or finish) talking about this in that mind set. So, without further ado (I'm currently reading these off of a grease stained paper plate):

Hitting Option #1:
R, SB, BB, H, TB, K

Hitting Option #2:

Pitching Option #1:
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB, W (WITH an innings cap)

Pitching Option #2:
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB, IP (with NO innings cap)

For those who were not present last night (or sober) we went around and around on these issues and both options essentially divided the group. As a result, I came up with a compromise. Rather than continuing to add more stats to make everyone happy, I cut them both down to create a 5x5 that seems to come down somewhere in the middle.

5x5 Hitting
R, SB, BB, H, TB

5x5 Pitching
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB (WITH an innings cap)

So, here's what I propose. Let's take the next few days to CALMLY discuss the previous options and then put it to a final vote on Sunday. Remember, no more debating the merits of individual stats, only discussing the groups above. I imagine the voting will go down like this: Everyone will vote for ONE of the pitching options, ONE of the hitting options, and then a YES or NO for the 5x5 option (both hitting and pitching are tied together as one item) indicating whether or not you'd be happy with that compromise. If we don't have a majority on both of the 6x6 options, and if enough people are satisfied with the 5x5 (I say 7 our of 10), then we roll with that.


the worst sin is not to think

Was I just dreamcasting or did we actually have a legit discussion about a counting-stat-only offensive system last night? And by dreamcasting I mean drunk, obv.

When did I start to suck at shuffleboard

Thursday, February 02, 2006

All I do is post about stupid shit now

"House Republicans elect Boehner as leader"

It's true, I'm 12 years old again. But this is too good to be true.

Thought you'd want to know

Stephanie Tanner back in the news

thanks to 304, at least one of those cartons ended up on the floor...

there was a long announcement on the loudspeaker about how kids shouldn't fight each other while the new york times photographer was in the school for this. needless to say, it didn't work so well.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It has been decided. All members of the league who chuse to meet to hash out stats are invited to pow-wow in honor of James Aloysius Joyce's 124th bday will congregate at the University of Chicago Pub, in the basement of Ida Noyes.

Tentative Agenda:

21.05: Assembly of "early birds," still tumescent from the recently ended episode of The O. C.. Some may elect to assemble even earlier, but that's when I'm getting there.

First order of business: Lots of Sapporo getting thrown the fuck back.

22.00ish: Arrival of broom ballers

Second order of business: Stats discussion.

Resolutions I'd like to see:

* A decision on the idea of drafting stats at draft time--do we drop it, adopt it, or do it for fun?

* 3-5 stat packages, with 50-word blurbs describing their merits, to be posted on the blague for group consideration, with a timeline for victory, so we can revisit keeper rules and future amendment leading up to the draft.

just out of curiosity

Who does everyone think won the recent Red Sox-Indians trade? It was Coco Crisp-Josh Bard-David Riske for Andy Marte-Guillermo Mota-Kelly Shoppach-$1 million.

I think the Red Sox got the better of the deal, hands down. Not only for this season, but going forward. I just don't see it for Marte - but he has to be better than Aaron Boone. Who plays leftfield for Cleveland? Plus, Riske is a better pitcher than Mota.

Who won the trade?
Red Sox
Free polls from

key to the city

did anyone else hear about the ceremony this week where they gave jerome bettis the key to the city of Detroit? it has only happened 3 times. the previous recipient was Saddam Hussein in 1980. they should probably just take Saddam's back now and give it to nook logan.