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Thursday, February 08, 2007


For ease of use I have added links to both the Final Rosters (with draft positions) as well as the actual draft results here at the right. I'll add a link to the rules wiki once I get that going.

Some other things to decide:

(1) When, exactly, should we tabulate the draft order? I say we do this with a lottery the night before the draft. I'm buying ping pong balls (no joke) and we'll make this happen. Objections?

(2) When, exactly, do we declare our keepers? I say we do this right before the draft. Everyone can just input their keepers into the spreadsheet, we'll take a few minutes to mull it all over, and then begin the draft. That will give us the night before to make final trades before keepers are announced because once keepers are announced you can't trade players anymore, only draft spots (and black coffee).

(3) Carter, what's the deal with your law firm? When is the draft gonna be? The suspense is killing me (I'm not joking).

(4) Same stats this year? I say that's a firm YES since we don't have neatly enough time to alter them and - as Czap made crystal clear - his delicate draft strategy last year was predicated on us keeping the same stats.

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carter said...

i would like to change the stats, but whatever, i don't want to bite off more than i can chew