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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here's why I'm correct

But, again, it is not really different from trading for a second keeper. That is, when MCard traded for Ortiz, he didn't just get Ortiz but the bonus of being able to keep both Ortiz and Crawford. Here, I get the bonus of keeping Wright plus whatever I get for my draft pick. Most importantly, the bonus is the same in both transactions. (M. Carter, 2007)

This difference is this: While it's true that when Cardarelli traded for Ortiz he got the option to keep both players next year, that was really only a side product of the trade. He made the trade in order to win. And sure, while it creates a small loophole it's a very specific one designed to inspire trading. Your resolution attempts to leverage the facts of this rule away from the specifically designed intent and use it in a completely new way. If you want to argue that you should be able to trade away your first round slot but somehow keep the pick, then make your case, but don't use the Cardarelli/Ortiz/Crawford situation as evidence for your argument. They are different.

I want as much trading as possible to happen this year but I want people to trade for things they have and then gain things that they don't have. We shouldn't have people gaining without also losing.

PS: I love the Zoheri-Beatty-Chandler triple team. Perhaps a first.

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