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Thursday, February 08, 2007


OK "it would destroy the draft" was an inexcusable rhetorical overstep. but just the same, i don't understand what the hell you're talking about that the matter at hand makes trading draft picks "easier"? in your theoretical draft, everyone with a keeper would try to dump off the picks in their keeper rounds. if you can trade your first round pick and still keep a first rounder, why wouldn't you just trade ALL your picks, or as many as you could? this shit is too crazy, is my reasoned analysis. i don't want to do a simulated futures market in baseball stats. i want to do a fantasy baseball league with a normal draft. there has to be a protection for people who aren't going to manipulate the system efficiently (say, for instance, the late lamented Ben Adams or Tom Zimpleman). not only do those lesser teams need the protection of having FDIC-insured value for their picks (which will be DEVALUED by carter-style gerrymandering as proposed here) but we all, as a league, need the protection of a fairly even-handed dispensation of talent, or at least the right to talent in the draft. if one or all GMs works steadily to subvert the equalitarian arrangement afforded by the draft, a shroud of darkness will fall over our world. i recognize that cardarelli's plan to stockpile first rounders is in some way an affront to that right, but it was constructed legally and will be maintained legally. i know we're getting into some weird Missouri Compromise shit but the UNION FOREVER.


Bench & Ler said...

Since he hasn't pointed this out I'd just like to note: Cardarelli only ACTUALLY has two first rounders even if it feels like more since many of his other keepers WOULD be first rounders this year. That's just good managing, though.

God damn Carter is going to make a good lawyer.

carter said...

by the by, i was thinking that i may be a good idea to incorporate the fantasy league. in delaware.