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Thursday, February 15, 2007

snot boognish

I think we're all too shaken up by how close we came to blowing it on the "guy wire" question in round 5, only to stuff our latest challengers in the overtime round. Guy wire was not a good trivia question, i have to say, but i still overruled a correct answer from team captain czap. i doubt many teams have posted the kind of run we have (four weeks, four wins, despite one 'disputed' victory three weeks ago). the thing is, i don't think we can lose when we're at full strength. when we tied team mute, it was only because at least two complete bullshit questions, the singapore thing and the "shipping containers" question, that would have made a 2 pt difference if they'd shaken out in our favor. we had a terrible game, blew one easy point and everyone else got gifted a free point except for us (on shipping), and we still tied for first. QED, we can't be stopped with conventional weapons. we'll be at half-strength again this upcoming week with mcard and bench on the shelf. if we post another outright win, i think they'll probably have to just induct us into the HOF even before the mandatory 7-yr wait.

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