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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shit blowing up

1. I'm thinking the lawr is starting to convince me, but I also think keepers should be uncapped. I guess I'm a free marketeer here since I'm so not one in the real world.

2. Keepers: we decided that everyone would submit their keepers at the same time (say written on a slip of paper) to the GM, so that, in effect, we all decide who we are keeping "at once." If we just go up and type on the spreadsheet, you better BELIEVE I will try to be the last person to announce his keepers—because then I can change my keepers on the fly based on whom everyone else is keeping. We could make the keeper announcement order different from the draft order (inverted?), but I think it's just easier to turn in a slip of paper—and more fair. Wait, that was non-free market... shit. I'm new at this.


carter said...

just so we're clear, law school has corrupted my political values (yet). hurray socialism.

also, why are the Reds cornering the market on one year wonder starting pitchers?

carter said...

that was suppose to say, "has not," but whatever, my typing has betrayed me