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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Forms of Fantasy Baseball

For a while, i thought this was a league head and shoulders above the rest of the fantasy world. But the more i read, the more i realize that there are fantasy leagues that are like this one, but 8-10 years along. They have buy ins of thousands of dollars and change wedding plans and create best friends out of strangers. But i have a feeling, even amongst the most fervent fantasy leagues, there less than 1% have had tens of thousands of words written/spoken to discuss minute and theoretical rules changes. Czap's majority opinion and Carter's terse dissent might have been the apex. Bravo.

How fucked up is Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter going to be? Above both Suri Cruise and Brittney Spears' kids?

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mikecard said...

i'm definitely going to trade my first seven picks so ortiz and crawford are 8th and ninth rounders. i'm on carters side now. long live darylewardbangme.