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Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally, ESPN shows that some people actually think the bears will win

While i realize the Bears are a 7 point underdog and that Peyton Manning is suddenly 'clutch', ESPN for the past 10 days has not shown or posted any people talking about the bears winning. I was expecting their 'expert' picks to be all blue and white but they actually gave a few people the option of choosing the Bears.

The only smart ESPN 'experts' are as follows:

Gene Wojciechowski
Jeremy Green
Eric Allen (this makes up for picking the Lions to win the division)
Scoop Jackson .... never mind. he's still an idiot
KC Joyner - my favorite espn football analyst

5/18 isn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be. i figured the bears had scoop in the bag, the 4 others are actually surprising. Wojciechowski because he has been dogging the Bears all season. He even wrote a column after the Saints game about having to finally eat crow. Jeremy Green ... i dont know who he is. Eric Allen picked the Lions and as such i can't respect his opinion.

That leaves me with Joyner who is a football sabermatrician and a huge film/stat guy who i figured would go Colts because he has written articles about how different the bears defense has been without brown and harris and that how Rex Grossman broke the record for near interceptions (shattering Eli's record from last year).

I only hope he ran his numbers and came up with the Bears.

I still have $100 im willing to wager on this game. Any takers or just haters? I'll even make it Bears + 6.5 to sweeten the deal.


mikecard said...

jeremy green is dennis green's son. he wants to crown the bears' ass.

Bench & Ler said...

Omar, who would I be if we didn't have a bet on this game?

$50 says that Indy wins outright, no spread involved.

What do you say?

Omar said...

im a fan, but im not stupid. straight up is money line. its 210:100 but i'll go straight up 2:1.