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Monday, January 09, 2006

Why use comments?

(Seriously, this whole blog is one long comments driven conversation. Just log in and post.)

Pete's 100% correct. We need to either place a cap on the number of players each person can keep or come up with some fandangled new way of figuring out which draft picks you lose. Omar made an excellent point, however: if you choose to keep two third round players, then what do you lose? I think we should just cap the number you keep and then draft from there. Simple.

Don't forget, people, drafting is possibly the most fun part of the season. Why would we create a system where we drastically undermine the joy associated with the draft? Do we really want a draft where everyone keeps all the 1-5th rounders and we are only drafting bullshit?

So let's vote:

1. Auction or not? (nay)
2. Cap on the keepers? And if so, how many? (I say only 2 or 3)

We really need some sort of voting software. Can someone find that shit and put it to use here?

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carter said...

ask and you shall receive