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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Prefs




ERA, W, K, SV, WHIP....and the stat everyone forgot, Losses (-), if its a no decision the pitcher of course gets neither. Actually, I am not all that really into WHIP, like if we want hitting to dominate (as I would like it to), that might be the one to drop. Oh, yeah, how many SP/RP slots do we get?

You can either have OBP or W, but not both because they are heavily correlated and measure the same thing. HR and R are also correlated, but of course hold a different value; otherwise, a player like ichiro is more valuable than bonds, which might've been true in the 1920's, its no longer true in our day of juicin' and creatinin'

Oh yeah, and trust me, SLG sux big time. You won't feel it so much with your marquee players, but the bottom and lower mid of your IF will suffer. What I means to say is that it rewards the guy who occasionally gets a double, over the guy who more consistently gets to first, and by a wide margin: if you want to talk the math, I'll be more than happy


Omar said...

lets hold off on the roster spots discussion till we get stats done with. one monster argument at a time.

and is pete revoked admin priviliges for everyone (or just me?). i knew he was drunk with power.

pedrag said...

everybody has admin privileges, i think. let me know if you don't have them and do want them, i will fix that. stats!

Omar said...

looks like its back. sorry for blaiming you.

unless you brought it back now so i would think its a mistake. diabolical!