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Thursday, January 19, 2006

rounding second base

i was thinking of chaning the template out of spite because harbor sort of sucks but then i got sidetracked by adsense. this page is being read by thousands and i think we should get some ads in this biatch and maybe recoup our fees.

i posted this below in reply to andy's reply to my question but i'll post it here for all those that don't have all day to re-read all the posts

omar: "everyone else gets a benefit that i don't"

andy: because they didn't take pat burrel in the 4th round, they took someone better. they are rewarded for their good decision. you, conversely, are penalized for your poor decision.

omar: that doesn't answer the question. it just says im stupid, which i was for drafting burrell. but it doesn't change the fact that he was dropped and thus becomes (by rule) a free agent pickup. im asking how we are going to go about verifying this. if you can get over the fact that some people (my god!) make bad draft picks (see andy martin circa 2005 top 3 picks) we can come to a good answer.

i cant think of anything else that we haven't addressed that is of huge importance so does anyone have suggestions for polls on stats? what should be included in the questions and answers.

who else doesn't like the new espn design?

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