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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

just because she dances go-go

guys from last year's top 30 who are consensus top-30 again:
arod (omar)
pujols (carter)
vlad (ben)
manny (moacir)
santana (whet)
helton (andy)
tejada (whet)
ortiz (ben)
abreu (czap)
michael young (pete)
texiera (omar)
pedro (carter)
oswalt (ben)

rolen (andy)
crawford (mikec)
soriano (moacir)
ichiro (omar)
edmonds (whet)

matt clement? wtf? why was moacir not ribbed like i was for drafting jamie moyer in the top 30? weird. anyway, what i think this shows is that the weighted system (when you keep a guy, you lose his round in the draft) or the yahoo! ranking system (andy's way) would be entertaining ways of valuing keepers. say you draft clement too high and he has a decent but not great year -- do you take the chance of letting him go and trying to redraft him at the right round, or do you say, no, my team will not be intellectually engaging to me without matt clement and keep him even though he costs you a third round pick. by the way, if we do this system, we have to get a dry erase board or a giant piece of paper or something.

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