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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

end times

summary: write a summary about the story.

I thiNk The Story is about a whales That Have NO Theeth.

did you like the book? why or why not?

I DO Not like The Book Because it is to long.

main characters:
1. whales

tommy byrne '49 no hit pete in my final game. he was one walk shy of a perfect game. strong finish for the newark peppers.

i'm willing to chip in my $13 for fantasy fantasy baseball. do we have enough?


pedrag said...

according to my old roommate ian's gfriend, who also works in the NYC schools as some kind of tutor, somewhere in crown heights they had a haiku contest with high school kids and the entries were so bad that the following haiku actually got honorable mention despite having 5, 6, 5 syllables and being very bad

i like chinese food
pork fried rice, chicken wing
i like chinese food

Omar said...

thats some solid haiku writing there. i need to find my 5th grade haiku's. there was certainly one about baseball. i got a C+ for the entire book and was happy that i did that well.

Omar said...

im not sure im willing to spend $13 to go on any more 8 game losing streaks. someone needs to explain to me what it takes to stop doing that.