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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Revised running tally, missing the opinions of moacir and whet, total of 80 votes.

Thus far, an 8 is a perfect score, for those not paying attention

SB 8 votes
R 8
Obp 6
HR 5
TB 3
BB 1

K 8 votes
SV 7
Wins 6
Outs 1
TB allowed 1
IP 1
L 1
Games 1


pedrag said...

Moacir, where's the info? You can't wait until the very end because w isn't even paying attention. Let your preferences see god's daylight.

Omar said...

so far it looks like the 'classic' 5x5 stats with obp replacing avg is what is getting the most votes.

are we close to actually voting now? who's left?

pedrag said...

Whet and Moacir are still not accounted for, although they couldn't really change all that much. Still, I'd feel better if every stat we wind up using had like 7 or 8 votes, as opposed to 5 or 6. Either way, i have no idea whether whet even looks at this, so we may never get his opinion. I think this went pretty smoothly (famous last words), but I'd like to hear Moacir's opinion, just for my mental. But yeah, we might want to say, at the end of this week, this will be resolved

Bench & Ler said...

Can someone else (Pete) email Whet and see what his deal is?

Saud said...

How can we not have batting avg? Seriously? Even though I believe in democracy and all, at some point strict totalitarian theocracy really gets the job done. And again, whatever happened to including Walks?

pedrag said...

we're going to have OBP, which is your AVG + your walks (i should say, it's looking like we'll have OBP)

pedrag said...

also, OBP includes HBP, so craig biggio gets his fantasy rocks off. well, whet seems to not really care all that much. i think he's game no matter what we come up with. and i already did some sleeve-tugging for you, commish. you can't already be shirking the miniscule amount of responsibility you volunteered for.

Bench & Ler said...

I'm not against pulling Whet into the fray, I just thought I'd be more effective if you - someone he communicates with on a regular basis - asked him rather than me - someone who just comes across like and asshole on a regular basis - emailed him. But you're right, a man's a man. Henceforth, I'll do my own rangling.

Omar said...

so it looks like the only possible contention is now whether or not slugging and TB can beat out HR and RBI. otherwise i think we have a clear majority.

almartin said...

i change my vote from slg to TB. i am also aligned with the ben chandler 'replace wins with TB allowed', since wins are the most frustrating stat on earth.