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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i have standards

i don't draft cubs and except for extreme situations don't draft twins either. i am more likely to not draft a player that i hate than pick a player i like.

all these issues about keepers doesn't come into play until next year right? because i dont really remember who was on my team last year besides arod and texiera. i guess i had ichiro too. i think i had buherle and andy pettite. i assume i had a few more yankees and maybe konerko?

my plan (for keepers, we still haven't gone through the stat fight yet) is to have 5 keepers that you state at the start of the draft and they come off the board and after everyone takes their 5 players we go from there. no 3rd party stats, no contracts. if we ended up doing an auction that would be different but as it is, i think just a simple plan would be better.

preseason rankings change all the time. i know espn updates them if anything happens and we will just find the most updated one before the draft.

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