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Monday, January 16, 2006

we're turning into monsters

How many keepers should we have? - runoff
i'm going to be obstinate and vote for neither

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one point about the waiver wire issue, with the two previous votes about what happens to waiver wire/free agent pickups (25th pick) and that injured players become waiver wire players, the waiver wire is going to play a much bigger part than it has in the past. there are pros and cons about having a waiver wire. a pro is that it doesnt penalize people who don't check the team for a player that pete/omar/mike(s) drop at 4am and is subsequently picked up at 4:15 am by moacir. a con is that it puts undue burdens and creates another level of confusion (to be honest i can't explain the con as well as the pro so i'll just copy mike's) " I've always felt that it lets other people be even more lazy and wait for an email that says "someone is about to make a clever move, which you didn't think of but now have time to analyze and realize might help you so maybe you should log on and block it' " im not sure you can get an email saying that someone has been dropped but i get the point none the less.

Should we have a waiver wire
Yes - 1 day
Yes - 2 days
Yes - 3+ days

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How many DL spots should we have?

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How Many Roster Spots should we have?

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How evil is the world as a result of the Bears losing to the Panthers?
My name is ben and im a packer fan
24 is awesome

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carter said...

>25 means greater than 25... did you mean that? if so, i'm confused...

Omar said...

yes i meant that. i didnt want to just add 30,31,32,etc. thats why i put it at the bottom instead of the top. if you want more than 30, choose that one.