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Monday, January 23, 2006

a proposal, not so different from standard 5x5


slg, obp, sb, hr, runs


era, whip, k, saves, total bases allowed [inning cap 1250 like usual]

re: assists and putouts. are you even serious here, carter? i mean, i'm not really looking forward to the day when "yes! three soriano putouts!" escapse from my mouth. esp. not if these are the stats we are going to keep using indefinitely?

total bases: they have this really sweet stat that tracks total bases per plate appearance. it's called slugging. hence why we should use it for pitching statistics.


Morcy said...

Are we tracking the same stats for all time? Why? As long as we decide the stats every year before anyone puts in their keepers... it shouldn't be a problem. We might want to have multiple year moratoria, though.

How are these stats diff from last year? We also had, um, hits... and wins, right?

I would move for: SLG, OBP, SB, R, K and I guess the pitching stats are ok, though I'd prefer IP (as a negative stat) to SV.

As for slugging as TB/PA, well, that's why I asked about steals. I wish TB = (4HR + 33b + 22b + 11b + BB + IBB + SB). That'd be eleet. Can't we design that stat?

pedrag said...

IP is supposed to be a positive stat for pitcherrs, i don't know where this negative thing came from.