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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

waiver wire/picks revert

i posted something about this a few days ago, but after the frenzy of voting it seems worth bringing up again: no waiver wire is only going to work if dropped players are valued where they were drafted for keepers.

it's going to go down like this: mike carter drafts a healthy mark prior in the third round. prior blows out his elbow at the all star break, out for the rest of the season. seeing little sense in tying up his DL slot for the privilege of keeping him and chancing next year's 3rd round pick, he drops him, czap snatches him up, throws him in the dl slot, and next year 'gives up' his 27th round pick to lock in a now-healthy mark prior, forefeiting his shot at drafting the talented mr. wily mo pena. folks are going to be PISSED, is all i'm saying.


Morcy said...

I thought I voted that if a player was drafted in the draft of year n, then to keep him, you would have to give up that round's pick in year n+1, no matter how you got him--trade, waiver, draft.

Omar said...

while you may have voted for that, the majority vote was to treat injured players as regular waiver wire players and waiver wire players are given the worst possible draft slot. since we have 27 draft spots, andy's mark prior claim would be accurate. thats why i voted for a waiver wire.

Omar said...

i see this working itself out by the creation of a secondary market (which i might be creating by just posting this). did we decide what happens when a player gets traded? does he keep the draft spot from the previous team? this could get ugly. im going through the scenarios now and they are too plentiful to post. basically, what happens to a traded player and how do we regulate something akin to timed droppings. instead of mike dropping prior for anyone to get, he emails ... me and then i 'drop' a young prospect who mike picks up and i pick up prior. its not a trade and we both get to use a 25th-27th draft pick for a good player.

Morcy said...

I think I actually voted waiver, without thinking it through. I think the only thing that makes sense is to have players carry the damning mark they receive on draft day.