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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

red herring

its not as much a red herring as something of a projected concern. yes, we can decide on the procedure now but in 2 years when we find out how stupid the yahoo/espn rankings are then everyone is going to be pissed. again, my issue is only what ben called "the arms race".

If we do the proposal whereas you only lose a player where he was picked, it will really limit the action that happens during the season. i like seeing pete pick up and drop players every morning and i'm worried that this change will stop that. also i still am in favor or some sort of cap. Because (baring injury) who is going to drop any player in the top 3 rounds? what is the first round of the draft going to be then? there will be a defacto skipping of the first three rounds in andy's plan as opposed to the actual skipping of the first three rounds in ben's case. the real difference then is that in ben's place the rest of the draft goes as normal but in andy's there are still keepers in subsequent rounds.

also what about a player who has one great year (that you want to keep) but you don't think his stats the prior year are equal to his supposed value the next year. think beltre from a few years ago. he had great numbers and would probably have been a top 10 stat player but nobody thought he was a top 25 player (how'd that one work out ben?). you would lose a first round pick when nobody would have drafted him until the 3rd-4th round. i know this doesn't happen all the time but these are the types of issues that come up and cause a row.

after crede's 2010 mvp season you are going to be begging to trade for him. just look at that upward swing, its a thing of beauty. that "i want to hit a homerun (fly-out) every time" swing. hes going to be the new tom imanski any time now.

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