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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

what this book presupposes is

Which (andy's post below) is why quantum-leap mike carter will think twice about cutting mark prior instead of tying up a DL slot. basically, a dead mark prior is worth keeping so that you stop anyone else form gettiong a free, living mark prior for a low round dradft pick. stratego is the name of the game. i have to go my malt-o-meal is getting cold

[why are you posting drunk? See comments on previous post. --m]
{I thought we weren;t supposed to use comments. also, i wasn't drunk, just had sleep in my eyes. and why are we still batting around crazed hypothetical situations for rules we already voted on and settled. --p}
«now I feel ripped off, since I didn't understand what I was voting on --m»

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Mike said...

Thank you Pete -- that is exactly the point. You should have to make a few tough decisions and get sick of seeing quality players get chopped just because they are hurt. That's the point of Keepers -- you might get fucked one year, but you know you can keep them the following year.