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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

informal gathering

so is there an actual plan to meet at the cove/jimmy's/pub on thursday to hash this stuff out? Give everyone a chance to make their case.

and after extensive research (i.e. google harolds hyde park and search the maroon) i have not been able to find any substantive proof that harolds is closing. Now i know the 53rd street Co-Op is closing but not Harolds. I also found out that some people in Hitchock might not like Jews. Hopefully this story gets as big as the ghetto party that wasn't.

seems like we are in a cooldown period now. maybe the state of the union speech tonight will excite us again. that or the new shield episode. who else thought that jack's rant about cutting the chief of staff on last nights 24 was one of the best of the entire show?

and i'm the only one who hopes john paul stevens dies in the next two years right? just wanted to make sure.


Omar said...

no more word verification for comments. yeah, i really dont want to do my work.

pedrag said...

I want my word verification back

Omar said...


Omar said...

its back now. do you really like those random words that much?

pedrag said...

you have obviously never had to deal with comment spam before. it's incredibly annoying to have to flip through 45 gibberish ads for dick cream just to find out there were no real comments.

that said, why do people have to hate on stevens? that's what john roberts is going to look like in forty years anyway when neoneoneoneo-cons want to reinstate the alien & sedition acts. i'm down for wherever, whenever to get a beer and talk stats, although i'd prefer to do it someplace where girls wouldn't see it (the pub should solve that). i'm still abiding by my jimmy's boycott (almost three weeks!).

Morcy said...

I'm on a vague Jimmy's boycott. That Maroon article about the inside of a volcano spooked me, and considering how ill I got off schmix over thanksgiving, I'm worried that an evening at the WT will destroy my pulmonary system.

The Pub is a sweet temptress, with $6 Sapporo. Could I get drove back to PLSZN by someone? Otherwise, I can def be Pubeing it up come 9:05pm, most likely with an equally teenpoon-blind Saud.

Saud said...

they changed their ventilation system after that report; its like a super duper one and its relatively less volcanoesque. I'm flexible, but slightly anti-cove (some peeps I need to avoid, last time I got drunk there, things got a little strange).

Omar said...

the cove is great and i can assure you the girl contingent on a thursday night is minimal. vague jimmy's boycott sounds about right too. pub is fine though.

i have never blogged before so i assumed those claims of comment spam were exagerated.

im hating on stevens because a) hes been this close to dying since i was in high school b) i don't like the cut of his jib c) i still have a bet out there that lutwig was going to be on the supreme court d) i'm not pinning my hopes on anthony kennedy or any kennedy for that matter e) im worried bush is the last republican president for 8 years so i needs to get my conservatives on the bench before the barrack obama 2012 presidency.

Mike said...

1. A confession is in order: All of my posts so far have contained subliminal advertisments for dick cream. I have to pay for grad school somehow.

2. Regarding the Shtetl Party -- the student who was the target of the antisemetic remarks is in my Soc class and told me today that it was a joke done by one of his friends. This student explained that he used the word kike as much as possible because he thinks it silly that such phrases and command so much social power (He is from Israel and once commented in class something to the effect that "reform jews" are ridiculous and not really jews). So as part of this project/joke his bud was saying something about how the jewish kid's roomie "hates kikes". He is now doing everything in his power to try and stop the University from rolling over his friend -- since in the post ghetto party world, there seems to be only one way to talk about race or any other sort of socially constructed difference.

3. I cannot make any baseball owner's meeting until a little after 10:00. Pub is fine by me. I like pizza -- oh that's under point 2. I mean, I like that they have food.

Mike said...

I wish I could edit my comments and remove the terrible spelling errors.

Omar said...

broomball doesnt end till 10 anyway.

and who doesn't hate kikes? it makes perfect sense that it was a joke that the school is taking way out of context. the fact that the ghetto story went from front of the maroon to front of the tempo section to most sent article on the trib website to editorial in less than 2 weeks is beyond me.

Saud said...

Yeah, I personally think that ever since leopold and loeb, the school has gotten sooooo over-sensitive about stuff like that.

(please note sarcasm before mauling me with a star-o-david)

Ok, so it seems like the pub will be our base of operations for thursday night, around 9:30-10pm. As I don't understand the allure of broomball, may you guys sweep your worries away and then get cause to worry when you meet makmood/fakmood, my much-beloved drunken alter ego. Pub or falcon inn for pizza? Do we need to debate everything in this league?