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Monday, January 09, 2006

That's what I'm talking about

Nice polls, Carter. I knew you'd come through.

Moacir, they way I see it, allowing an unlimited number of keepers is like a nuclear arms race designed to make life less fun. The more other people keep the more you'd feel compelled to keep until we all are holding on to half our teams. What incentive will people have to dump good players? Why would I risk losing someone who is reasonably good when I could just save them? The fact of the matter is NONE of the top players in the game are going to be available in the draft if we allow unlimited keepers. If we limit the number, strategy becomes more important and it limits people just getting lazy and holding on to half their team. The draft would become one slightly animated waver-wire session and then we'd all go home with blue balls.


Morcy said...

dag nabbit.

I'm not sure it would be an arms race. I know I personally would keep like 3 dudes from my team last year. I just don't see the point of arbitrarily choosing a number of keepers. Whatever we decide will seem too low to some and too high to others, depending on how you did the previous year. Follow?

Morcy said...

As for "top players" never being available, that's the appeal of the salary system--top players eventually become too expensive to hold on to.

carter said...

i should add a polling question about the salary system. any advice on how to word it? what are the options?

Morcy said...

cartèr, I don't think the salary system works if we just have a draft--else we have to somehow derive fixed values for players, etc. Salaries seem like they'll only work if we auction. And if there something y'all hate, it's an auction.

Well... that and tracking losses.

Bench & Ler said...

Please address my point that "having unlimited keepers will make the draft less fun." I want to see how you rationalize this one.

Omar said...

am i the only one who doesn't know how to post without using some third party program? i have used bloggar before but thats it. that word program sucks.

and good job carter. i asked if someone knew how to do this a couple weeks ago but i think that was before you joined.

and i take issue with being a yankee apologist. sure i'm not a sox fan so i don't hate the yanks but if the yankees have the best position players i'm going to take them. actually, when it comes down to it, im not going to take any red sox players ever again. the redsox are a bunch of terrorists and facists. thats right, i said it.

Bench & Ler said...

Omar, what are you talking about? This is a blogger run web log (or blog).

pedrag said...

moacir i'll just make the point that if you have three guys you want to keep, and you keep acquiring guys you want to keep, it wouldn't be that long before you have 15 guys you are keeping. but then i guess you're ok with not drafting until the 15th round or whatever. but i'd like to see a cap, just because i like the idea of heavy roster turnover. frankly, i'm fine with top players like ARod just getting permanently banished to omar's rogue state.

i do have a minor question on accountability for the polls -- seems like there's nothing stopping someone from voting twice, or a million times. i doubt anyone is that petty. also, it's looking like we're doing a draft, there will be keepers, and you will lose picks for them.

omar, do you mean you have to use a web browser to use blogger? blogger is a web program, you're doing fine. also this is the last time i post in the comments section, i'm just doing separate posts.