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Sunday, January 29, 2006

King Harold has Fallen

I heard a nasty rumor that Harold's Chicken Shack is closed due to health violations (too easy to make a pun here, so I'll just avoid it entirely). First the fire at Ribs and Bibs, then the opening of a squeeky clean, dining hall decor Checkerboard club, and of course the Starbucks near Jimmys... Now Harold's is closed? There is only one possible explanation; white people are getting ready to invade hyde park.

So, someone's suggestion that we meet up over a tub of deep fried grub is a little harder, but of course there is always jimmys. We should meet sometime, and get this stat thing taken care of. Everyone can discuss in person why they want what they want, make a case for it, etc. Us unabashed alcoholics will get smashed, then the more sober ones can take advantage of us, (ahem, I mean, let us sign off at their statistical manifesto) and we'll call it a night. We can even have a direct satelite feed to the consulate in new york, and allow them to give their input, ransom demands, etc. Besides, it would be good to start putting a face to some of these odd names. Saud? Who the fuck is that dude?

FYI Dixie Kitchen is owned by Canadians. You know, like the really really white guys from the north with red beedy eyes? They are like a sleeper cell, waiting for the assult to begin, then they'll convert it to a Cracker Barrel. Calypso Cafe? A much needed Banana Republic.

Viva la revolucion

Saud "Evo's Evol Twin" Morales


almartin said...

do i have to fly in for this

Bench & Ler said...

I vote that instead of sitting around and eating food, we have this discussion over beer. That way, the people that stay the soberist win. Although this spells certain victory for Omar, it still might be fun. Mike and I are going to be playing broomball in Hyde Park on Thursday night. I could handle drinking after the game. Others?

Morcy said...

Thursdays are theoretically bad for me. We could schedule on an off night for the OC, tho, or after nine.

Yes, that's right. I put ogling a 14 year old on my television ahead of stats discussion. Fuck you, George Bush.


Morcy said...

btw, saud, the thing I liked most about your post is that I was forced to recall the names of some Hyde Park eateries other than "Stuart," "Hutch," "Div School," and "B School."


Omar said...

broomball is at 9 so after broomball would be 10-1030. im going to have to watch the oc after broomball this week. i cant wait for those LAST FIVE MINUTES!

Hasn't every hyde park resturant been closed for health violations. Cholies was certainly closed for a couple week a few years ago and i think Nicky's too. I think even the Snail was closed. Its a hyde park tradition, like getting mugged or the good christian man at the 55 redline stop. im not worried until they tear it down or replace it with a chipotle. i hate chipotle.

Omar said...

moacir, what was that george bush reference? the state of the union is on tuesday. thats must see tv.

Morcy said...

Omar, I was just putting that in for the data miners who are looking for child pr0n, because there's a link between wanting on slutted up teens and blowing up buildings.


Omar said...

damn data miners.

anyone want to place bets on how many times liberty/freedom are mentioned in the state of the union? early line is set a 34.

Mike said...

Thursdays could work, but I have practice, or a match, depending on the week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 10:00. And I plan on defending my "everyone pick a stat" or trade proposal. It is the one true science. I swear on my mother's life that I won't pick holds. really. I hate relievers.

pedrag said...

i'm in hyde park all the time so i don't care, whenever you guys want to meet i will show up and get tipsy and agree to various things, sometimes contradictory things, and go home confused. if we do Czap's one-man, one-stat system, i am picking GIDP

Morcy said...

I'm gonna chuse 3b


carter said...

i will choose assists, to completely screw up the scoring system

Mike said...

I have nothing to say, but felt the need to post because the "word verification" word was:


I felt the Universe was speaking to me, ordering me to post. I could not refuse.