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Sunday, January 08, 2006

rules for keepers?

i think we almost had a quorum at moacir's place on saturday to make some fantasy decisions, but in light of all the drinking perhaps the blog is the way to go.

everyone seems down with the idea of keepers. the only questions seems to be how to balance b/t rewarding smart pickups and not destroying the fantasy economy.

suggestion: everyone gets a certain number of contracts (3? 2 1 years, and a 2 year?). you put your dudes under contract at the end of the season (or immediately before the draft, for maximum drama...). at the end of a contract period, the player has to go back into the general draft pool (meaning that no one can sit on grady sizemore for the next 6 years)

pick compensation would work like this: you could exercise your contracts on any of your players. you'd sacrifice one pick for each contract. value (round) of the pick would be judged by the value of the player. personally i'd suggest one of two ways: first (and i think best?), we'd print out a list of the value of all the true value of guys at the end of the season according to all our stats (through yahoo) and then divide that into rounds (1-10 first round, 11-20 second, etc.) if the guy you contracted was the overall 43rd best player, you lose your 4th round pick. advantages: rewards research/baseball prospectus science about breakout seasons, but doesn't lock mr sizemore as a 17th rounder in perpetuity (which would fuck everything up 4 years from now.) disadvantages (i'd argue these are minor): rookies who only played half a season (they'd be valued low) and guys that got hurt during the year (same).

or we could use one of the preseason rankings (ESPN?). disadvantage would be that it wouldn't reward you quite as much for picking up ryan howard a year before everyone realized he'd be good. thoughts?


pedrag said...

I am in full support of the a.l. martin amendments, regardless of how we wind up picking teams (draft or auction). everyone vote, or at least say something in response. at some point, in the way of solidifying everything, i will draft a short thing with the rules, once we get everything sorted out here

Omar said...

i am not a fan of this contract situation. i don't have a problem with having keepers but the more complicated it gets the more likely it is that people who are doing poorly in the second half give up. my simple proposal is that we have a draft like every year this year and at the end of the year we have 4-5-6? keepers. then we have another draft the next year with those keepers out of the draft.

this assigning of values for rounds of a draft etc. sounds like a good idea now but when it gets around to the time where we have to do it there will be fights and arguments as to why player X is valued as a 15th round player when you KNOW he would be taken in the top 10 rounds.

i also don't like an auction because that too confuses the waiver wire/free agent pickup process. i'd rather have complicated stats than a complicated daily process. and all these plans (besides the older ones) would require a very diligent commish so we have to decide on that.