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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


As Mo put to my attention, I did not directly address the concerns of loyalty to this league. To say I am loyal to something I do not yet belong to is absurd, but if you want a promise that I will remain in this league until death do us part, I am willing to do this if indeed this is a competitive league where people set their line-ups in a consistent manner, seek out rising no-bodys fresh from the farms, the occasional controversial trade, and some good spirited (or not) trash talking, etc.

Of course, I am going to need my lawyer go over any paperwork, but otherwise I am perfectly willing to make a blood oath or pinky swear as you guys see fit. What do you yanks call that handshake where someone spits into his palm? That, I might not be willing to do, unless we're really close to a sink...

So, what is the consensus? Do you need to put this to a vote?

And do you guys play other fantasy sports?

If my opinion even matters at this point; I think waivers is silly in baseball because the season is so long, but not having waivers will make people hesitant to make add/drops on a whim (thus limiting creativity, or taking away the kiddy wheels). Another idea if you guys are uncertain about waivers being mis-used, you can limit the number of add/drops, and you can even make it a relatively high one (say 50), but this will prevent players who 'lock-in' players via waivers. Otherwise, screw it, not having waivers makes things more volatile, but I think it seriously punishes newbies.

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pedrag said...

long live saud is what i say. is anyone really going to be that concerned about picking up and dropping maicer izturis or yuniansky betancourt or john buck over and over again? the lack of a waiver wire, or pick protection for drops, or whatever, just reinforces the idea that a GM shouldn't be dumb, which i think we have all given notional assent to, let me stress the notional part for myself, since i still do dumb things. i just realize they're not important. the moral imagination of this league has tourette's syndrome.