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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sounds like i would get my ass demolished if i was still a student in hyde park. when i think about all the walking around at midnight the 5466 apartment did on a regular basis, i'm still astounded that no one got mugged. or maybe someone did, but just never fessed up to it.

someone might want to sit down with first years at the university of chicago and have the same talk i have every day: what to do when someone is bothering you. it's nice that the university is doing their best to do a good job about this kind of stuff now, but university-wide meetings and emails over shit people scrawl on whiteboards is probably only fuel to the fire. it's attention seeking, designed to provoke a response, and that's exactly what they've got...


Morcy said...

The anti-Semitism is a little suspect, too. Not to start a brawl or anything, but the Maroon article does a bit of sleight of hand in moving from whatever the kids wrote on the white board to the "anti-Semitic" defacings of posters announcing this or that conservative, pro-Israel speaker on campus, hosted by the Friends of Israel, or whatever.

By not giving examples of either, we're left to imagine. I figure on the whiteboard was probably swastikas or something dumb like that. But every poster I've ever seen defaced has been defaced with anti-occupation/pro-Palestine rhetoric. I ain't ever seen anything but secular anti-Israel hate scrawled on a poster--same with anti Rand hate I see scrawled on Objectivist Club posters.

I'm sure some asshole does adorn Daniel Pipes lectures with swastikas, but the Maroon doesn't give its readers the chance to think about the issue intelligently. I blame Pete, for naming a hack as successor.


pedrag said...

i didn't name successors. as i recall i was succeeed by a pro-israel neo-con from the sunny caribbean. i also don't believe in economic or cultural inheritance. TOTAL FUCKING MERITOCRACY*, just like athens. *=as long as you are white, or at least act white.

can baseball start so i can stop whiling away free time with hating politics and drinking. my alcohol consumption is up SO MUCH since baseball ended. yes, that's right. i blamed it on baseball.

so this thursday? I'm in. the pub. there is NO need to get the Falc involved.

Mike said...

See y'all Thursday night at the Pub.