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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who's checking this from Baltimore and Seattle?

So in addition to the page hit counter i added, i just put on something from google i never heard about (google analytics) and it shows a map where people are viewing the site. i get the new york and chicago views (although who's in Harvey, IL?) but i didnt know anyone was in Seattle and Baltimore. Maybe we are going to get some random people reading.


ptb said...

i was in seattle for work, and i checked the blog once or twice from the kiosks at the physics convention. baltimore i can't take credit for. maybe someone googling the wire?

Omar said...

we aren't even close first when i do a search for "einar diaz" + "blogspot" but its a possibility.

Bench said...

David Simon is on to us. I smell a cameo in season 5.

Omar said...

just checked again.

who works in franklin park?

also, we have our first international hit. can anyone guess where its from?

i think one of our members has left the country.

and moacir is checking sites with his browser set to language - lithuanian.

this google analytics thing is insane. they collect so much data its actually scary. i know its not new but its weird when you spend time with it (and when it gives you charts and graphs for everything).

alm said...

how can i get these google analytics?

Omar said...

im not sure it can be shared. what you could do is just sign up for your own account and add it to the section of the blog that has the hit counter. i'll check and see if it can be shared.