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Friday, January 26, 2007

i am sort of a cold-hearted bastard

im not sure if there is a great liberatarian response to homelessness. basically if theres a bell curve of income there will be some people in mansions and some people in cardboard boxes. i guess the answer is as long as there is equality of opportunity, equality of results isn't their responsibility.

now i think people being homeless sucks. where i grew up i didnt see a single homeless person until i was 19 and he was chilling at the train station. i gave him $20 to buy a new pair of pants. it was disturbing to see a homeless person in the suburbs. i'm used to poor people but not homeless.

if you read the latimes you will read about homeless people all the time. they had a great series a few years back about skid row which was pretty scary.

but in the end, just like abortion and violence in the ghetto and drugs and all the 'ills of society' i dont give a shit. as long as im not getting aborted, shot or robbed by a crack addict, im fine. i only care about it in theory, not really in practice. ergo, cold hearted bastard.

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