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Friday, January 05, 2007

practice of bronx life, vol 1

carter, i will go halvsies (sp?) on your ticket to chicago, with the proviso that i get a 1.5x return on my investment from any potential fantasy-sports related gambling earnings in the next calendar year. this is contingent on us actually getting our gambling house in order this year, of course. czap, i hope you have been saving your change for the past year, cause you're going to be on the hook for at least $75 come march. with the amount of time i spend thinking about my team every year, there NEEDS to be some money on this. also, i plan on winning this year.

critical commentary:
1. quarter water group has a grownup cousin laced with rotgut.
2. curiously absent was the quarter water w/ 3 bags of quarter chips combo special. the tremont avenue breakfast of champions.
3. guys named casimir still live in the bronx?! and, where?

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