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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Draft Day Vol. XII

Okay, it looks like the weekend of the 31st is out. Quoting Moacir,

The ENTIRE weekend of palm sunday (mar 31) is OUT OF THE QUESTION. There is nothing I can do. When I won't be watching my brother get married, I will be at (fricken) disneyland with my sisters whom I haven't seen in like 4 years. From Ben's (private) email to me, it sounded like that was the weekend America still loved, but it's not like I can duck out early or something.

Carter, Andy, it's on your shoulders now. Let's make this happen. If not March 24th what about March 10th?


Moacir P. said...

as i added to Ben over IM, my brother is getting married in LA, not Bond Chapel.

CZA said...

I'll lend further support to Mo -- my paper got accepted to a conference that is being held that weekend. The conference is the 30/31, but of course they haven;t set up the panels yet so I have no idea what day. March 10th is great for me. The next weekend could probably work too, although if so, I would prefer the Friday night, so I'm not stuck in damn Hyde Park for both weekends of spring break.

Omar said...

is there any way we can do this later in march instead of three weeks before the start of the season? the reason i mentioned this before the start of the year was to avoid anything that was avoidable (weddings not included) the couple weekends before the start of the season.

is the 24th a complete no-go for anyone?

im basically free all the time but id still like a later draft.

Bench & Ler said...

Omar, while a later draft might be better having everyone there the same weekend is what we're working for. The 31st is out. Now we're working backwards. The 24th is an option but some people seem hesitant. I will be gone the 17th, hence my suggestion of the 10th.

Andy, Carter, what do you guys think?

pedrag said...

this works out for the best since my other chicago league decided that its draft is on the 31st. get ready for a shitstorm of posts about how me and czap almost took down pub trivia tonight. we were *this close* to walking away with $196.

Moacir said...

It still doesn't let me post my own ish. I am flying to LA c. Thursday afternoon of that weekend--which I figure is something like the 29th. I will be returning, probably, on Monday at some point in the late evening. Again, I'm going to be IN LA, not at Bond Chapel, so the weekend is wicked tenuous.

AFAICT, the other weekends are all open.

Omar said...

really ben, we want to have EVERYONE at the draft? i thought a majority would be fine.

i realize we want everyone, i was just giving my appeal for later in the year. if the 10th is the only thing that works then so be it.

carter said...

i have no reason to favor the 10th over the 24th. i was pushing for the 31st simply so that i wouldn't have to make two trips.

carter said...

also, why all the hate on getting married on bond chapel?

Bench & Ler said...

Carter, are you planning a second wedding in Bond Chappel that we don't know about? You know how some people renew their vows? Are you guys planning to renew your (nerd) vows to the U of C?

I appreciate you wanting to consolidate this into one trip (efficiency) but if pressed, can you make it on the 10th or 24th? What would be better?

Andy, what about you?