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Monday, January 08, 2007

fbb names, 2007?

bride of christ aluminum works, right here.

maps of the US drawn by teenagers. i think it's intersting that every single one of these has some representation of florida, but texas and the entirety of new england are optional, depending on who you're talking to. also that the us kind of apparently looks like a dinosaur if you play your cards right. this is snatched from this sweet book of irregular/imaginary maps that evelyn found called you are here. bench, your pretty much need to amazon this shit right now. kind of fascinating. and if anyone else on the blog feels cheated because you never took a class with conzen, this book plus some old railroad maps would pretty much put you in business.

okay okay okay, one more. 1) you can't really see this. sorry. 2) jokes in the year 1939 presumed a greater degree of geographic literacy than even serious journalism does today 3) the detail in this map puts that one that got drawn sometime after 9/11 (with manhattan drawn really big, california and the "flyover states") to shame - nebraska is listed as a city in illinois and pittsburgh is in ohio (actually, i could get behind pittsburgh being in ohio). can anyone help me track down that flyover state map? i tried to google it but all i could find was that saul steinberg cover. also, czap, one could write a whole article about subsequent interpretations of that view from 9th avenue cover. ex:

these are funny, i imagine. mcard? moacir?

mostly, can i REALLY get behind the blog strange maps. especially weird redistributions of the us. ben? i like it.

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