never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut

Monday, January 22, 2007


  1. Apparently my "friend," "Rainman," was shouting the text of that poster at the game to Saints fans. Rainman is like 5'5", 140#. I figure there's Dutch courage, and now there's Chicago courage.
  2. The Patriots d looked like a bunch of amateurs, which is, I suppose, what they are. This works out best, though, since now I have more reasons to hate Peyton Manning, whom I love when he's in commercials and earning me points in fantasy. Who knows. Ben asked as the Patriots were schooling the Colts whom I'd cheer for, and I said the Bears (over the Pats), but not mourn a Bears loss. Now I want the Colts run out of the building.
  3. Personally, I suspect Belichick threw the game since he didn't want to beat the Bears in the Super Bowl, thereby starting a series of "Why can African-American coaches only make it to the big game, but not win it?" articles. Also, this Colts win will break Peyton's psyche. He is a fantasy landmine next year; I fully expect to be able to pick him up in the third round.
  4. Trivia on Tuesday sounds good. I was actually pretty fucking bad at Pub trivia—the questions are just out of my wheelhouse, as opposed to, say, Jeopardy! or Trivial Pursuit. But when called, I come.
  5. Since my return from Brazil, where checking the internet isn't hard, but it's less fun than drinking all day, I pretty much check only the following sites: Facebook, Deadspin, Daily Kos, Digby's Blog, and this blog. I've also read Simmons's work in my absence. Though I'll save the blog from the advanced nc-17 fantasies of mine involving the Sports Gal, I'll also say I'm saving you all from them on the off chance that, after the Super Bowl, Simmons reveals that he was writing her columns all along, and this clump of bits we all got crushes on is just him. He's really tipping his hand lately, esp with the donut post. Before this point got derailed by Sports Gal drool, the point remained that there really isn't much to read on the Intertubes anymore. And it also suggests that I'll be totally unprepared for the baseball draft. What happened to Liriano?


pedrag said...

i also previously felt that Pub trivia was a bit too med-school/classics grad student-geared for my tastes but i think they might have dialed down the OTT zaniness in the interest of actually making it fun. although maybe i'm still riding the high from last week's stunning performance, and this week we will get annihilated.

Bench & Ler said...

I agree. I'm fairly certain that while the "Sports Gal" does indeed exist, those mini-columns are written by Bill. Here's not not being duped (or being wrong, both are fine).