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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

march 24th

as always, if there is a BIG problem one way or the other, i can make do, but the first weekend (the 24th) works for me. next weekend is part of our spring break, and as much as i like chicago i may also want to visit some place else. so, 24th. let's lock this down. czap is in, bench is in, that's 3.

also, remember that minnesota kid who flipped out during the 2005 frozen four?:

he just got himself kicked off the team. unclear why but pretty much every article that talks about his meltdown mentions 'religious symbolism.',13346/TylerHirschDismissedFromMinnesotaGopherTeam.html

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Mike said...

You know he had a Hanson brother moment -- he was probably playing with his trucks in the hotel on a road game. Maybe he made a cross out of hockey sticks and burned it. That video was awesome -- I had never seen it.

I don't think I ever said the 24th works for me, btw. It probably will, especially given the momentum this date has for people. But I still need to check the calendar... Calendar checked: that date works for me. Preference wise, I'd like the following weekend even more (Friday, March 30th or in the AM that Saturday). But the 24th seems to breaking into the open field like Kobe Bryant breaking through a young girl's feeble and underdeveloped defenses.