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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

mar 24th/jan 2nd/etc

march 24th (in addition to pretty much every other time mentioned) works for me right now. that's four guys; once we can get the typically less attentive guys (we all know the guys i am referring to) to commit (which we might want to do over e-mail, since i know that at least one of the people i am referring to does not check this blog very often or ever), everything should be all set.

i am in NYC until tomorrow (the 3rd) afternoon. i am trapped in ben adams' apartment owing to some kind of mixup involving house keys. on the plus side i'm watching batman begins for the fourth time in a week. the Boise St-Oklahoma game had the best ending of any college football game i've ever seen; if it had been closer during regulation it would probably supplant the OSU-Miami national title game from three years ago, despite not having the same stakes. the dude proposing to his girlfriend in the end zone is really over the top.

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Bench & Ler said...

Although I don't believe in God, I think (s)he wanted me to watch that game. I tried to go to bed but absolutely could not fall asleep. I got up and turned on the TV just in time for the OU interception, the Boise St comeback and all the trickeration that followed.

Needless to say it took me many more hours to get to sleep after that. If you can get high from watching a football game between teams you don't really care about then that was it.