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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Future of Fantasy Sports(?)


Bench & Ler said...

I'd rather do one based on box office sales for movies over the course of the year.

Who wants in:

Omar said...

didn't bill simmons write a column about this a year or two ago? i know its not totally novel but its a interesting coincidence none the less.

and bill simmons is a sack of shit with his pats-colts pick. he almost had balls but he remembered he was a bitch in the end.

Bench & Ler said...

Well, isn't that the Bear's-loving-pot calling the kettle black?

Omar said...

i dont proclaim to be moderately objective. if you put a gun to my head or i had to put $1000 on this game, id probably take the points.

as a subjective bears fan, im taking the bears.