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Friday, January 19, 2007


So I have decided, despite needing to do some more reading, to invest my fully in draft preparations, in honor of our impending agreement on a draft date.

My understanding of the ground rules for this year.

1) Same stat categories as last year
2) Seven (7) keepers.
3) Unweighted lottery for draft order.
4) Keepers from 2006 that we roll over at the end of this season must be kept with a 1st round pick for draft 2008 (can I say that I get moist when I realize we have already committed to this league for next year?)
5) Andy to finish 5th (this should not be confused with my preseason picks, which will be revealed on draft day, before any player has been drafted).
6) Omar may draft one Chicago Bear, except Rex Grossman. This player may:
a) be kept in one of his DL slots, provided he is never dropped.
b) start at any position, provided he is never benched. He will be credited with totals across categories equivalent to Grossman's rating against the Saints x .5
6) Cubs Suck will no longer be allowed as a team name. Names celebrating Liriano's injury will, however, be encouraged. Ditto for homoerotic fantasies involving various players banging you.
7) A-Rod, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds will be dropped from the list of eligible players.
8) I must draft Alvin Davis with my 12th pick.

I am open to changing the stat categories, but I want to know that we are going to do this before I invest much thought in my team.


Omar said...

i think we ended up on an 8 player keeper compromise (between 7 and 9).

also, during the draft my team name WILL be Cubs Suck. I will think about changing it afterwards to one of the names from Andy's list of Nigerian store names or whatever that thing was.

Can i draft Devin Hester at play him at closer?

Bench & Ler said...

Also, the lottery for draft position WILL be slightly weighted, NBA style, with those at the bottom of the standing receiving more ping pong balls in the hopper than those at the top.

Czap, if your team name becomes some variation of "Liriano is hurt for the season" I'm going to file an official complaint with the U of C and tell them about the time you molested me when you were my BA preceptor. Be warned.

CZA said...

Whatever Ben, those outfits you kept know, the slutty hipster were asking for it. And I never heard you complain about your grade.

I am not a fan of a weighted lottery. There should be no incentives for finishing last or mailing in the season.

alm said...

1) you live in a society
2) that society doesn't look highly upon punting fantasy teams
3) and can express those opinions via merciless bulletin board posts
4) i like david stern mustaches and ping pong balls