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Friday, January 26, 2007

Sidney Crosby-style growing pains

This blog is in a full-on slump. It has clearly has inherited traits from its grandpa, the 2006 baseball message board. We need one of our classic middle of the order run producers like Mike Cardarelli or Omar or Andy Martin or Czap or me to step in and carry us for a week or two at a time if we have any chance of finishing in the first division. You'd think the pub trivia stomping would have got some people motivated.

PS-- we better be defending our crown on Tuesday. ringer and honorary einardiaz personality Greg proposed that the only socioeconomically acceptable course of action for the rest of the quarter is to sweep (a six-peat? nontet? i can't be bothred to know what the academic week is now that i am a high-stakes venture capitalist)

anybody need a ride from cincinnati to chicago on the day of the super bowl? because i'll be makign that drive in a rental car in order to get back in time for the game.

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Omar said...

I'm trying, i even dropped opportunity cost in one of my titles. if thats not a lighting rod, i dont know what is.

is it too soon to start trade talks? im looking to trade thome and his 16th draft slot for something (i need me some frank at util).