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Thursday, January 11, 2007

On Moacir

And also Whet.

Moacir is still in Brazil so we can give him a few more days. Whet, what are your plans?

Quoting Cardarelli, "We don't want someone else to draft for Moacir so that he then spends the rest of the season bitching about his team," you know, more so.

Moacir, for the love of god get to the internet and let us know of your plans.

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Moacir P. said...

i am stuck in logan. my family doesn't love me and didn't send someone to pick me up so i could do laundry and shower before my flight tonight. so i've standbyed to an earlier flight.

The ENTIRE weekend of palm sunday (mar 31) is OUT OF THE QUESTION. There is nothing I can do. When I won't be watching my brother get married, I will be at (fricken) disneyland with my sisters whom I haven't seen in like 4 years. From Ben's (private) email to me, it sounded like that was the weekend America still loved, but it's not like I can duck out early or something.