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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

March 31st, Going Once...

What do people think?

So far I count Carter, Czaplicki, Omar, Pete and myself as "YES." I'm going to provisionally assume that Cardarelli can come as well. That's 6. Carter, do you have specific obligations that weekend or can we do this on Saturday afternoon like sane people?

Andy: Could you come here and then go elsewhere for Spring Break?

Moacir: Is that weekend one of the 87 Lithuanian holidays?

Saud: Will you be in the country?

Whet: Can you hear me?


Saud said...

Hmmmm...I might be in Gitmo under the auspices of ICE, but other than that, I should be here.

Morcy said...

March 31 is pretty much the only day I CAN'T go, as my brother is entering into a contract with a woman under the auspices of the State of California on that date.