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Thursday, February 02, 2006

thanks to 304, at least one of those cartons ended up on the floor...

there was a long announcement on the loudspeaker about how kids shouldn't fight each other while the new york times photographer was in the school for this. needless to say, it didn't work so well.

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Mike said...

Nice work, Andy -- I'm glad your class represented. It reminds me of how, in my elementary school back in the day, skim milk was a scary product. The only kids who seemed to drink it were the "useless" ones who kind of made everyone secretly nervous, probably because they symbolized the human fragility we were raised so firmly to repress. You know the kids I mean -- translucent skin, often red, or unnaturally black, hair, allergic to bees, peanuts, chocolate milk, kickball, or anything fun. The kids who mysteriously had to go to the office for 5-10 minutes everyday at 12, after lunch and recess (to take their pills). The dairy industry didn't help matters either. While they used simple red and white for whole milk and a pleasant brown and white for chocolate, for some reason, the packaging gurus decided skim milk should be marked by a strange shade of magenta, as though someone had passed Barney through a power juicer and then blended his extract with plutonium, and green text. It was the equivalent of a social coral snake warning you of certain death through its markings.

Then again, considering the dairy industry's firm roots in American conservativism, it makes a lot of sense they did this. Skim milk IS for sissies and weirdos.