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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One more thing

I don't want to step in a cobra pit, but a few more questions (although I'd be happy to just make these decisions if people just want to get on with it):

+How many IP? 1250?
+How many pitching slots?
+How many total players on the roster? 27+2 DL?

Someone, hit me back with some answers based on what we talked about and I'll set up the league tomorrow morning, I promise.


Omar said...

with 27 players i think we can add a hitter and a pitcher to whatever the breakdown yahoo gives. i also think that now that we have wins we dont have to worry about setting the innings caps very low or very high. My suggestion would be 1300 or 1350. Also we can leave some leway in terms of pitching positions (SP,RP,P) because like i said, we have wins so RP's don't totally rule. my take:

1) 1 more hitter, 1 more pitcher
3) 1300-1350 innings

Omar said...

we did vote on 2 not more dl spots right?

pedrag said...

i'm fine with any roster size in between 24-28, plus the two DL slots.

as long as we avoid the bullshit Middle Infielder/Corner Infielder thing, i'm cool with anything on offense. I hate the innings cap in general (what does it do, other than make it harder to catch up after a bad first half in pitching?) so i think it should as high as you're willing to set it Ben

Mike said...

I feel RPs are still overvalued, so I would really like to see clearly defined spots. 5 SP and 3RP rather than a bunch of P spots like last year. Or 2RP and 1P spot. What did we have anyway? 3SP 2RP and 3P? I'd like to chop the Ps. Make people draft a real staff.

I think good RPs could ensure finishing close to the top in ERA and WHIP, and outright victory in IP and S. The vulture reliever can contribute to Ws as well. It's a lot easier to win TB and S than it is to win Ks and Ws.

If we did go with the same number of starting slots that we had last year, I'd like to see the innings bumped up. Did we use 1250 last year? I'd like to go to 1400 or more.

My understanding was 2DL slots. I would prefer three, but this was only because I suffered a lot of injuries last year and would like to be able to put a hitter and a pitcher on the DL, along with one other favored player. Then again, it is fun to force people to think about whether to sacrifice the future for short term gain...

Mike said...

Because there seems to be some doubt, let me say again: Wins suck.

Also, I will not be drafting Garland.

I second Pete on the MI/CI bullshit.

almartin said...

3SP 3RP 2P

let people pursue a variety of strategies... makes it more interesting

carter said...

my first thought was to agree with people like andy, who want to give flexibility to pitching roster construction. but, the problem i have is why limit it to pitchers? why not say, for hitters, 6 infielders, 4 outfielders and 2 utility (or whatever). actually, i would really be down for that.

Mike said...

I find it more interesting to make people play the same deck and see the strategy that then ensues. Can one find value in middle of the road starters, rather than concentrate on good relievers, for instance? Will there be more trades since concentration in a position will be less of an option. In the end, it doesn't much matter -- I'll draft accordingly. And if we are going to have pitching flexibility, then I agree with Carter that offense needs the same treatment.

pedrag said...

No no no you guys are crazy.

here's the thing. RP and SP and P are all the same position -- they're *pitchers*. There are EIGHT positions on offense. The reason guys like Peralta or Posada or even Rickie Weeks are worth having is because they are decent hitters at premium positions. That's also why chone figgins is valuable because he plays three positions. if you do something weird and declassify offense, i'm just predicting, this league will get really dumb really fast. I'm in favor as much subdivision as possible. Like we should have to actually have three different OFs, a LF, RF and CF instead of being able to start three LF, etc. Obviously i dont care that much, but Ben, PLEASE just use your discretion and start the league and don't let us start another fucking debate. PLEASE.