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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crypto Harris

How does 5x5 win?

My understanding of the instructions was that everyone vote for choice 1 or 2 in hitting and pitching, and then a vote on the compromise in the event a deadlock was reached in the other categories. Andy refusing to vote for option 1 or 2 does not suddenly invalidate the votes that were cast, thus pitching #2 has the majority. Now Andy might decide that he loves the compromise (oh think carefully about supporting this less interesting system) so much that if given another chance to change his vote he will merely revote some hitting category and pitching 1 so as to cause a tie. As the votes currently stand, with 10 people making choices -- It's Hitting 2: 6-3, with an abstention. Pitching 2: 5-4, with one abstention.
No deadlock, thus no need for the compromise.

Call me a bitch but I don't sling actual hatred very often, I just have grown weary of Omar's Republican-style spin campaigns.

P.S. Evidence in support of above brief.
Here's where I derive my analysis of the instructions from:
"If we don't have a majority on both of the 6x6 options, and if enough people are satisfied with the 5x5 (I say 7 our of 10), then we roll with that."
1. Again, we do have a majority on both 6x6 options.
2. 6 of 10 5x5 is not 7 of 10, implying that perhaps a 5-5 deadlock in a category may warrant one more bid at tweaking that category?


Omar said...

ben arbitrarily chose 7 out of 10 instead of the more rational 6 out of 10 (or majority).

Omar said...

5 x 5 was the OTHER choice, not the backup choice. the problem was that you couldn't vote on the two 6 x 6 catergories and the 5 x 5 choices so you had to chose on of the 6x6 options and then decide whether or not you wanted to chose the 5x5 choice. they are fundamentally incompatible. this is what we decided on at the pub. voting for the compromise in essesence invalidates your votes for 6x6 categories. only if there were not enough votes for the 5x5 would the 6x6 voting matter. with 6 out of 10 and as such a majority of people voting for the 5x5 compromise, it doesnt matter how the 6x6 voting worked out.

someone else back me up here. im not making this shit up.

pedrag said...

omar, as much as i want to celebrate end-of-return-of-the-jedi style at having finally figured out what the stats are going to be, you did jump the gun as illustrated by czap. does anyone else feel a bit queasy about this? maybe chalk it up to buyer's remorse, but the 5x5 did seem like a lifesaver option more than a thing. basically, the controlling issue is that three things won -- one of the hitting options, and both 5x5 options. there's no mechanism for sorting out which has precendence. we might have to huddle on this.

Omar said...

i only jumped the gun in the sense that THIS IS WHAT I F&#$ING SAID WOULD HAPPEN AT THE PUB!! I knew if we were allowed to chose between imcompatiable stats that it would result in yet another deadlock. like i noted earlier, nobody is happy ( i know im not) but the resolution wasn't going to make everyone/anyone happy. it was a compromise. if im not mistaken was it you czap who was anti-innings cap? could that have anything to do with your not wanting the compromise? if its ok to throw out vague digs around i mean.

the choice, as i saw it was this:

6 x 6 or 5x5. if you voted for 5x5 then your 6x6 vote didnt matter. only if the 5x5 voting was inconclusive did the choice of 6x6 categories matter. i guess this could be resolved by having andy vote on what he would have chosen for 6x6. if he would have deadlocked the pitching then the foundation for czap's argument would be moot (not mute).

someone else had to be sober enough to pick up on this distinction at the pub right? the voting wasn't set up in such a manner that you could only vote once.

Morcy said...

Omar, I understood it precisely in reverse. We figured that 5x5 would easily garner a majority and decided that that would be the scheme used IN CASE OF A DEADLOCK on 6x6. 5x5 was ALWAYS only a BACKUP.


Omar said...

carter, you never officially voted. if i did in fact jump the gun then you never had a chance to/needed to vote. what is the response if he votes for the 5x5 and then it meets ben's "7 out of 10" position to move forward with 5x5.

my position is that there is no reason why the 6x6 stats are primary and the 5x5 secondary. i guess its two sides of the same coin because they are not complementary so you either see it one way or the other. moacir and i just happen to be looking from differnt sides.

pedrag said...

the relevant consideration is that two things received six votes, and there's nothing in place that determines whether 5x5 trumps or doesn't trump the 6x6 proposals. based on its billing as a "compromise" it seems to me that it wouldn't trump anything. further complicating things in re your theory that andy's votes will just validate your point is that if pitching is deadlocked but there is a majority for hitting, why would we then throw out the hitting vote and switch over to the 5x5 hitting stats? this shit just went whitewater, we are all screwed

Omar said...

i guess it all gets back to marketing. if it weren't billed as a compromise would it then trump the 6x6? i knew this wouldn't work. maybe saud is right, we need a dictator. or atleast we need to make more cogent rules surrounding our votes.