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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

back to the lab

Don't let's get discouraged mang(s). We still have chosen a batting system, we just need to tweak pitching. The split, such as it was, was over IP versus W as the sixth stat added to K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB, with an inning cap if W is the sixth stat. I'm willing to change my vote to break the deadlock, if people assent to that. I understand that this looks like/is power-brokering/leveraging my vote/giving the finger ot parliamentary procedure, so I leave it up to you guys to tell me what you think. But I'm eager to have a resolution, and IMO defaulting back to a stat like Wins is a better alternative than the unstable 5x5 pitching stats we almost got (K WHIP ERA SV TB), wherein starters aren't terribly valuable). If that's not an option, or a runoff isn't happening, then we'll need to start from what we do know, which is that K WHIP ERA SV TB have been mandated as acceptable if not quite New Harmonic.

For the record, the hitting stats are R, SB, BB, H, TB, RBI, as chosen by 7 of the 10 gms.

Also, if anyone in chicago wants to be in another league, the dude from hyde park records is looking for heads for his league (which i am also in). i think every conceivable stat is counted. if anyone wants in to a $65 buy-in league with some serious baseball-prospectus-reading small-business owners, let me know and i will send you more info.


Omar said...

fine with me. switching to pitching 1 right?

whats up with this design? was this a blogger default one or did you spend time coming up with it?

Morcy said...

Fuck this fake-ass Dots and Loops theme.


Mike said...

Sure, I'll go with pitching 1. Wins blow. IP works better in the total system, particularly without an innings cap, but if Pete and I both want to switch -- call it the light, then we'd have 7-3 pitching option 1.

carter said...

i am really confused. why aren't we having 5X5 anymore? is it because andy changed his vote? if so, why did andy do so?

structurally, i would prefer 5X5 over 6X6. also, if we reopen this, what is on the table? is it simply whether we are going to add wins or innings pitched?

if the only questions are
(1) 5X5 versus 6X6, i prefer 5X5
(2) W versus IP, I prefer W

pedrag said...

Thank bleeping God for Mike. So, unless people have a legimate, coherent beef with Mike's and my cold feet, I think we can finally stick a very sharp fork in this. And yes, this blogger template is UGLY. I won't rush to the podium for the speech yet but it's gonna be:

Pitching W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K, TB (ip cap)
Hitting R, SB, BB, H, TB, RBI

that's not an open call for suggestions for change, btw, it's a desparate plea for ratification. #(*$$ yes i can finally make a spreadsheet!

Saud said...

Why not we vote on which of the two pitching options we want? I think if its a straight vote, option 2 (which you, mike, and me voted for) would win. Or did I miscount?

Omar said...

pitching was split 5-5 and now pete and czap are jumping to pitching 1.