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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

draft day, mk ii

Nobody (carter, andy) buy plane tickets yet -- if it turns out it's massively inconvenient to not do the draft on march 25/26th (which is what it is looking like -- we HAVE to do this shit in crerar if it kills me) i will just telecommute to the other draft in NY that i was going to go to that weekend. it's not liek a microphone and skype is going to cost more than a fuxoring plane ticket anyway. frankly i have more bloodlust to win the other league, but not being at their auction means i don't have the disadvantage of being drunk and or filled with pizza and sleepy.

for the record, pretty much everybody preferred the 25th/26th, right?


Bench & Ler said...

Pete, what's the exact time of your NYC draft? So we can schedule around that.

pedrag said...

i'm not sure. it's probably going to be saturday. i'm not averse to doing both on one day, but this other draft going to take FOREVER, like six hours+, because each auction pick takes like two minutes (if you're lucky) and we have to auction 250 guys. so i hope it's not problematic for andy or carter to draft on sunday. we'll see. we're in the process of figuring out the exact day in the other league right now, so i'll know soon.

Mike said...

Either day should work for me (25/26), although I would prefer Sunday.