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Friday, February 03, 2006

So, here's the deal

Despite the yelling, I think we actually managed to get something accomplished last night. Not a final set up stats, mind you, but a few carefully conceived options. I would like everyone to remember that all of these are COMPROMISES and that this isn't the time to take one of these options and bitch. These stat blocks go together as packages and we need to start (or finish) talking about this in that mind set. So, without further ado (I'm currently reading these off of a grease stained paper plate):

Hitting Option #1:
R, SB, BB, H, TB, K

Hitting Option #2:

Pitching Option #1:
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB, W (WITH an innings cap)

Pitching Option #2:
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB, IP (with NO innings cap)

For those who were not present last night (or sober) we went around and around on these issues and both options essentially divided the group. As a result, I came up with a compromise. Rather than continuing to add more stats to make everyone happy, I cut them both down to create a 5x5 that seems to come down somewhere in the middle.

5x5 Hitting
R, SB, BB, H, TB

5x5 Pitching
K, WHIP, ERA, SV, TB (WITH an innings cap)

So, here's what I propose. Let's take the next few days to CALMLY discuss the previous options and then put it to a final vote on Sunday. Remember, no more debating the merits of individual stats, only discussing the groups above. I imagine the voting will go down like this: Everyone will vote for ONE of the pitching options, ONE of the hitting options, and then a YES or NO for the 5x5 option (both hitting and pitching are tied together as one item) indicating whether or not you'd be happy with that compromise. If we don't have a majority on both of the 6x6 options, and if enough people are satisfied with the 5x5 (I say 7 our of 10), then we roll with that.



Omar said...

hitting option 2, pitching option 1 and YES on proposition 5x5.

Morcy said...

The fight is out of me. I heard enough hate last night to get nightmares. Jerks. Everyone knows how I'm voting, so I'll just save it for Sunday, because I'm lazy.


pedrag said...

i know i prefer pitching #2, and i vote yes on the 5x5 option. i'm still deciding on the K vs RBI thing.

mikecard said...
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mikecard said...

hitting option #2. pitching option#1. yes on the 5X5.

carter said...

wait, do we have to have negative stats?! i hate the idea of negative stats, and would have made a huge deal out of it were i still living in chicago.

can someone explain the attraction for pitching TBs?

Morcy said...

Carter: All pitching stats, save W and K, I think, are by nature "negative." Pretty much all you can count in pitching is bad stuff.

The appeal of TB for pitchers is that it separates pitchers who give up singles / no hits from pitchers who are homerun-giving washouts. It adds an element of "power" to the pitcher (though negatively).

TB also discourages picking up slouches, hoping for vultured wins.


Mike said...

Hitting option 2, pitching option 2
NO to the 5x5.*

If I am outvoted on the 5x5 thing and none of the other options pass (although I suspect they will), then can we vow to limit the RP slots? As the 5x5 is structured now, having 2RP and 3P slots would force me to draft closers in the first 4 rounds and win pitching easily (ERA, WHIP, SV, TB).

Omar said...

carter, only 1 of the 3 options has negative hitting stats. i was against it as well but was too sober to contend with the oppositions stunning arguments.

Morcy said...

There was widespread agreement that P and RP slots would be reined in from previous years, to protect against not starting.


carter said...

hitting 2, pitching 1

i would definitely vote yes on 5X5 if TB was ousted for wins.

Saud said...

Hitting Option 2
Pitching option 2,
no 5X5 compromizle.

Morcy said...

hitting 1, pitching 2, yes to the compromise.


pedrag said...
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Morcy said...



Bench & Ler said...
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Bench & Ler said...

Hitting #2, Pitching #1, Yes on 5x5.

Omar said...

is there any reason we need more than 6 to go with the 5x5? I dont know why it would be any different than the other two options. again im a shill for 5x5 so im trying the best i can to get it in.

pedrag said...

i'm with you on it that omar -- six is a majority, if not a thunderous mandate. acreage doesn't vote, bitches

Whetstone said...

Hitting #1
Pitching #2

No on compromises

Don't take my total silence on this blog (unless forced) as a lack of interest in fantasy baseball, more as 1) a lack of interest in running things, which extends to every aspect of my life 2) acknowledgement that there are plenty of good baseball minds working on this and all I would do is add more chatter.

I really like playing fantasy baseball and usually take the actual playing of it seriously, and am usually good at it. I just take a powder on the theory of it because I'm dumb and it makes my head hurt.

pedrag said...

the situation:
hitting #1:
pete, moacir, whet

hitting #2:
omar, cardarelli, czap, carter, saud, ben

pitching #1:
ben, omar, cardarelli, carter

pitching #2:
me, czap, saud, whet, moacir

5x5 compromise yes:
me, omar, cardarelli, moacir, ben

5x5 compromise no:
czap, saud, carter, whet

we need votes from:
andrew von martin