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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sub Prime Mortgaged Future

Kenny Williams is looking to be the next Countrywide with the way hes betting that the future doesn't matter. I have no problem with Swisher, i actually kind of like him and his contract isn't that bad (4 yrs left for about 26 million) but he traded the entire farm system for it. Hes already traded for Gio Gonzalez twice and Ryan Sweeney is ok but not that great. The issue here is Fautino De Los Santos. BP has him as the Sox ONLY 5-star prospect. Gio Gonzalez was one of the few (if not only) 4-star prospect so hes traded two of our best pitching prospects when the team has no pitching future.

Also, with Swisher likely to play LF and Dye at RF and nobody to play center (CQ probably) that means theres a log jam at 3B. There needs to be a Crede trade ASAP. Ideally a trade that gets rid of Crede and Uribe.

God, the I hate Kenny Williams. - Fan Graphs of Swisher

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