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Thursday, January 24, 2008

i just want to point out that i drive by heath ledger's (former) apt every day on my way to work. it's all well and good that he got nominated for an oscar and had a kid with michelle williams, but you still have to rent an apartment on the noisiest street south of houston - a 4 lane approach to the holland tunnel.


mikecard said...

sandy duncan from hogan's family bought some pants at my work yesterday. try to compete with that.

also, i really liked sports guy's column today about the second 20k clemens game. i know this board is rife with simmons hate, but i think he's had his A-game lately.

CZA said...

That was pretty decent. I especially liked the line about being 20 and living in the only city he ever wanted to live in. Paul Willis' Learning to Labor may as well have been written about the South Shore (and related places, like Charlestown). Sports Guy has written some beautiful columns, I was just getting sick of the cultural references arms race and the celebrity gossip type shit. I find most of that stuff worthless. Does anyone ever read Michael Silver's NFL column for yahoo? I swear he's Dankeles' older brother. A third of his columns seem to consist of anecdotes that begin with "so famous person x called/texted my phone while I was eating with famous person y." And of course, the innumerable references to the fact he attended Berkeley.

Anyway. My favorite quote for today, from the ESPN interview with Morris Peterson (speaking of alma maters)

Q. Stupidest thing you ever did with your money?
A. I try not to do anything too stupid with my money. Me being from Michigan, me being from Flint, I don't really try to live outside my means. I try to save my money. I ain't going to make it rain.

Q. I get the feeling that was a politically correct answer.
A. OK, maybe I made it rain a couple times.