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Monday, January 07, 2008

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Auction or Snakedraft
Either free polls


carter said...

Can someone explain, in a fairly concrete way, how we will deal with in-season transactions in an auction? That is my main problem...the only other auction league I was in basically prohibited in-season transaction and completely sucked.

For example, will we simply use yahoo's free agent pool (as we always have)? Will people have to bid on in-season pickups?

I am fine with an auction if we use the yahoo free agent pool. I want to keep player acquisitions as fluid as possible.


Omar said...

not to speak for everyone but my understanding is the only way for us to do it in (while still using yahoo) is the regular free agent pool as we always have. i think we can do an auction and still have a free agent pool, i wouldn't want it any other way either.

carter said...

if omar speaks for everyone, then I am fine with an auction

pedrag said...

FUCK osu just roughed the kciker. JESUS.

anyway, i can back up Omar that yes, you just use the regular FA pool.