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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

breaking: twins trade johan santana to sam gill

"no, guys, you don't get it - if you ADD UP their strikeoutss all together, it makes up for Santana's production. it's a fair trade!"


Omar said...

sam was not happy with the trade. he wasn't as disgusted as i was, and im not even a fan.

mets should stroll to the ws and lose to whoever the al puts out.

alm said...

oh he was no doubt furious - i certainly am. i'm ready to kick small children (not a rare feeling, but that's another story.)

the point being that the only logic to that trade was the same gill '4 players added together = 1 superstar' trades that he used to float in this league.

CZA said...

Dan Uggla.

A silver lining: he was going to get traded no matter what and at least by moving to your neighborhood you can see him play all the time for a team that isn't a hated AL rival.

carter said...

why was it a forgone conclusion that he would be traded? from what i've read, the twins offered 4 yrs/ $80 million. That has to be about the right annual salary--if the only issue was years, santana is the kind of player a team should roll the dice with on a long term deal.

in any case, it looks like Baltimore will get more for Bedard than the Twins got. that is simply ridiculous. I understand that Santana has a no trade clause that tied the Twins' hands, but come on.

as an indians fan, however, i am very pleased.